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About Us

We Believe in Different Things

We connect people to information, translate information into knowledge, and convert knowledge into sharable assets. We believe that contextual relevancy is important in an era of information overload.

Social Education Solutions

For our social education solutions, we enrich all aspects of the education process by helping educators deliver smart social solutions enabling students, faculty and administrators to connect across the campus life. We believe online is more than just an LMS (Learning Management System).

We remove the word distance from distance learning so students can focus on learning and educators can focus on teaching.

Social Business Solutions

For our social business solutions, we enable social solutions designed for a more effective and connected business. We create online social communities for businesses, brands and fans. Whether your goal is to increase brand awareness, improve workforce productivity, or measure customer satisfaction, the iQ Platform helps you achieve your business goals.

We make it easy for your business to connect at every level – employees, customers, partners, and fans – with an online community platform. The results: a more effective and connected organization.

iQ is smart social media. We offer a more collaborative, interactive, and mobile experience that constantly evolves with your community.