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Communities For Education

Solutions for a Connected Campus

We’re driven to deliver the most dynamic experiences for students, faculty, and administrators through an effective mix of online, blended, and mobile services to enhance continuous learning.

We enable educators to have privately-branded communities to connect, collaborate, and share lessons. As your partner in bringing your campus communities online, we provide the social tools users expect in learning environments.

We help transform the learning experience by enabling online social communities for your campus that inspires interaction among student, faculty and administrators.

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Use Cases in Education


Focus on Students

  • Collaborate with fellow students, peers, and study groups
  • Access to learning resources, faculty, and support
  • Stay connected with campus groups and events
  • Interact beyond the classroom with mentors, clubs, and alumni
  • Engage with subject experts on specific topics
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Benefits for Faculty

  • Engage with and guide your students
  • Support coursework through public or private groups
  • Share academic and course content with students and peers
  • Instantly deliver messages to the community
  • Improve student retention rates
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Advantages for Administrators

  • Support students throughout academic lifecycle
  • Track community trends via polls and surveys
  • Create and nurture the alumni network
  • Build corporate pages for internships & recruitment
  • Ownership of key metrics and marketing data
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