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Communities For Business

Solutions for a Connected Business

We make it easy for your business to connect at every level with thew iQ Platform. The result: A More Effective, Connected Business.

Whether your goal is to increase brand awareness, improve workforce productivity, or measure customer satisfaction, the iQ Platform helps you achieve your business goals. We make it easy to setup either public or private communities for your targeted audience and business goals.

We help transform the learning experience by enabling online social communities for your campus that inspires interaction among student, faculty and administrators.

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Use Cases in Business


Benefits for Companies

  • Provide contextual real-time communications to users
  • Enrich corporate learning systems and knowledge transfer
  • Leverage your company’s collective expertise
  • Give a pulse to your company Intranet & Knowledge Center
  • Bolster and broaden customer services
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Advantages for Organizations

  • Evangelize your organization’s mission and funding efforts
  • Engage with your constituents, partners & volunteers
  • Create a viral marketing affect with little or no effort
  • Connect with other organizations and share best practices
  • Keep information transparent with your supporters
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Engagement for Products & Brands

  • Own your social data for analysis and marketing
  • Give your users more meaningful ways to connect to eachother
  • Introduce new products and services to your target markets
  • Enable sponsor pages and targeted advertising
  • Use analytics to monitor user engagement from varied markets
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